Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Self Evaluation Questionnaire

  2. 2
    • Module 1 - Getting Started: Building Skills & Concepts 1

  3. 3
    • Module 2 - Building a Deeper Physiological & Psychological Understanding

  4. 4
    • Module 3 - Gaining Important Personal Insights

  5. 5
    • Module 4 - Producing a Feedback Sheet: An Overview of Your Unique Difficulties

  6. 6
    • Module 5 - Essential Skills of Recovery

  7. 7
    • Module 6 - Achieving Freedom from Anxiety

    • Self Evaluation Questionnaire - Completion

  8. 8
    • Body Flop Exercise

    • Self Sabotaging Behaviours

    • Rectangular Breathing


    • ST Feedback Form

  9. 9
    • Dr Sallee McLaren books - Amazon

    • Dr Sallee McLaren Books

    • Quit Anxiety Now Chapter 10 - Ensuring You Never Go Back There - Audio

    • Quit Anxiety Now Chapter 10 - Ensuring You Never Go Back There - Transcript

Quit Anxiety Now - Self Paced Course

Written and Delivered by Dr Sallee McLaren

According to Dr Sallee McLaren, many mental health issues like anxiety, depression, addiction and anger are learned rather than being predetermined mental ‘disorders’ requiring medications. As such these learned behaviours can easily be unlearned.

In line with this, her course provides a clear blueprint for how to get better fast. It is a video course that anxious people all over the world have needed for a long time. The method is simple and easy to follow and works best without medications. Once you understand it, Smart Therapy™ is enjoyable to apply and requires no real effort.

There are no tricks or gimmicks. This course is based on robust, cutting-edge neuroscience. It can help you get better once and for all, by following a few simple principles. You owe it to your future self to purchase this unique course.

About The Author

Dr Sallee McLaren, clinical psychologist and director of Smart Therapy Australia, has three decades of experience helping thousands of anxious and distressed people recover without medication.

With a background in brain research she has brought her extensive neurological knowledge into her daily clinical practice and has developed her own unique Smart Therapy™ method of treatment. She is the author of Don’t Panic: You Can Overcome Anxiety Without Drugs, and she has also developed a Stress Reduction audio program. 

Visit Dr Sallee McLaren's Website for further infomation.